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Episode 93 features all the action from our Grade 6 Graduation Night 2011 - Speeches, Awards, Singing, etc. - all the highlights from our Big Graduation Night.

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Episode 92 features the highlights film shown at our 2011 Grade 6 Graduation Ceremony.

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Carrumpods – Episode 91 features our brilliant House Swimming Carnival, a massive Volcano Blast-Off and our Yard Words team asks, “what was your favourite Market Day stall?”.

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This week we feature all the action and fun from Market Day 2011. Plus, our Yard Words team asks, "what was the best thing about the school concert?".

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Episode 89 - Part 2: features the second half of our special Carrumpods film screened at the Carrum School Concert night on 20 October 2011. 

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Episode 89 - Part 1: features the first half of our special Carrumpods film screened at the Carrum School Concert night on 20 October 2011. Download Episode 89 - Part 2 for the second half of this special screening. 

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Episode 88 features our Athletics stars at the Divisional Carnival, Softball & Basketball District Trials, the 2011 Dodgeball Championships, and our Yard Words team asks, "what was the best thing you did on the holidays?"

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Episode 87 features Footy Day 2011, special Dancing Action, and one of our amazing Grade 5 entries for the 2011 National History Challenge.

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Episode 86 features last Friday's fantastic Carrum Disco, highlights from the Athletics Carnival, Grade 3/4 Projects and the Yard Words team asks "if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?"

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Episode 85 features highlights from the Grade 3/4's at Camp Manyung, Writer! Writer! and our Yard Words team asks "who's your favourite footy team?"

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