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Newspod Issue No.59 (May 2010)

This week we explore all the fun of Education Week 2010 and enjoy lots and lots of fruit, glorious fruit! 

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Farmers Market - Friday 21 May

This week our Farmers Market Team showcase the latest items for sale this Friday 21 May. Check it out!

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Newspod Issue No.58 (May 2010)

This week we feature our District Cross Country Team in action and take a look at our Baby Chicks - they are growing so fast!!

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Newspod Issue No.57 (May 2010)

This week we feature our House Cross Country Carnival, the City of Kingston 'Junior Mayor' presentation, plus a desperate plea for decoration help.

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InterSchool Media Channel - Episode 5 (May 2010)

Carrum Primary School hosts and produces the Interschool Media Channel - a student produced broadcast that showcases all sporting activities by schools in the Chelsea District Primary Schools Sports Network. 

Episode 5 features Aspendale Gardens PS, Carrum PS, Chelsea PS and St.Louis De Montfort PS.

Check out the website InterSchool Media Channel 

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Farmers Market - Friday 7 May

This week our Farmers Market is showcasing an Egg-Spectacular!! Check out our latest advertisement.

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Newspod Issue No.56 (Apr 2010)

This week we feature lots of newly hatched chicks, Grade 6 students at Patterson River Secondary College and our Anzac Day Ceremony.

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