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Our final Carrumpods episode for 2010 showcases some of the highlights from our Grade 6 Graduation Ceremony held on 15 December 2010.

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Carrumpods - Issue No.68 (Dec 2010)

In Episode 68 of Carrumpods we feature all the action and fun at our annual House Athletics carnival.

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Carrumpods - Issue No.67 (Dec 2010)

This week on Carrumpods we feature our Grade 5/6 students and their spectacular production 'Famous Faces'. Meet Sir Donald Bradman, Sean Connery, Barack Obama, Dalai Lama and many more! 

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Carrumpods - Issue No.66 (Nov 2010)

This week we feature our spectacular 2010 House Swimming Carnival.

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Carrumpods - Issue No.65 (Oct 2010)

This week we feature 'Bike Mechanics' and their sensational work, plus all the fun from 'Market Day 2010', including Best Market Day Ads.

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Big Green Festival 2010


It’s Back!!

On Sunday, 12 December 2010 (3-8pm), the Big Green Festival will be held at Carrum Primary School. Showcasing a spectacular environmental twilight happening, the Big Green Festival will feature music by Lisa Miller, Broderick Smith & Matt Walker, Jordie Lane, The Sand Pebbles, plus a Short Film Competition, Green Think Action, Environmental Activists, Farmers Market, Gourmet Food, Green Artwork, and lots more!
Click on the following link to find all the details – Big Green Festival 2010

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Carrumpods - Issue No.64 (Oct 2010)

Episode 64 features our spectacular School Concert. Footage includes rehearsal day fun plus backstage interviews and live footage from the big night. 

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Carrumpods - Issue No.63 (Sept 2010)

Episode 63 features some of the highlights of Term 3 at Carrum PS. Including - performances by Salaka and the Leaping Loonies, Retail Day, Reward Day, Footy Day and Christmas in September.

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InterSchool Media Channel - Episode 7 (July 2010)

Carrum Primary School hosts and produces the Interschool Media Channel - a student produced broadcast that showcases all sporting activities by schools in the Chelsea District Primary Schools Sports Network. 

Episode 7 features Carrum PS, Aspendale PS, Chelsea Heights PS, Edithvale PS, Patterson Lakes PS and Seaford North PS.

Check out the website InterSchool Media Channel 

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Carrumpods - Issue No.62 (June 2010)

During the last week of Term 2 St.Kilda players held a sports clinic for our Grade 3/4 students. We also had some former Carrum PS students helping in our classroom (look out for the spelling quiz). 

You can watch a streaming version or direct download below.

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