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Newspod Issue No.47 This week we showcase our 2009 Grade 6 Graduates - 'A Year In Film'.
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Newspod Issue No.46 This week we showcase Grade 5/6 students making sushi rolls and confronting the fiery wasabi.
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Newspod Issue No.45 This week we experience all the drama of the World Cup Final held at Carrum PS. Plus, we head to Carrum Beach for some Surf Life Saving Action.
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Newspod Issue No.44 This week we explore lots of planting action on our Rum B Run Farm.
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Newspod Issue No.43 This week we show exclusive footage taken inside the new school building. We also showcase a terrific Toastmasters Presentation on Water Skiing.
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Newspod Issue No.42 This week it's House Athletics 2009! All the fun, all the colour, all the action.
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Newspod Issue No.41 Market Day 2009 - always colourful, always fun, always a great time for everyone!
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Newspod Issue No.40 It's Concert Time!! This week we feature lots of footage from our final Full Dress Rehearsal for the concert, plus interviews with some concert stars the day after the big show.
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Newspod Issue No.39 This week we feature our triumphant Teachers Games champs and the Grade 3/4 excursion to Werribee Open Range Zoo.
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Newspod Issue No.38 This week we check out Footy Day 2009, some fantastic Grade 3/4 Habitat diorama's and our Athletics Team at the District Finals.
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